Our Approach

Customer First

Proxit, Inc. understands the level of trust that is required when our customers bring us in to support their needs.  We are confident in our ability and knowledge base to ensure your network infrastructure is supported 24x7x365 and remains in optimal condition. Our team is comprised of individuals knowledgeable about the specific needs unique to Small, Medium Businesses (SMB) Municipalities and Public safety agencies available around the clock to address your needs.


We take a proactive approach in maintaining and supporting your existing network infrastructure. Through regular audits, proactive budgetary planning and regular maintenance, Proxit Technology Solutions, Inc. is able to ensure costs remain within budgetary constraints.

Proxit Technology Solutions, Inc.’s world-class Network Operations Center (NOC) provides unmatched technical support and expertise, 24x7x365. We carefully monitor every net-flow, hop, server and endpoint attached to your network. We are constantly on the lookout for any anomalies in infrastructure health, security, and capacity, and work tirelessly to provide you with optimal network performance.